the importance of regular termite inspections

This photo illustrates the importance of regular termite inspections to your property. Regardless of whether you’ve had a termite barrier treatment installed or not. Notice the stalagmite structure built by the termites away from the foundation wall and the ant capping in the subfloor of a house in Turramurra NSW.

We were called out to this job by the client approximately 5 years after they had a termite barrier installed due to previous termite attack. The client, had been informed about getting regular termite inspections, but had forgotten to arrange one every year, the owner of the company that had installed the barrier had retired.

The termite barrier had been installed correctly, but the termites just simply avoided it by building shelter tube outside the termite barrier, from the ground up to the subflooring. If regular inspections had been conducted it would have been picked up earlier. The client would not have had to replace structural beams inside the house to hold up the second storey.

Stalagmite structure built by termites

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