exipest based in Pymble 2073 for the last 10 years, providing quality pest control and pest management treatments to the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney. With over 25 years of experience in treating cockroaches, ants, spiders, ticks, mice, rats, rodents in domestic homes and commercial business, exipest can solve even the hardest jobs.

exipest have been inspecting and treating termites on the North Shore of Sydney and are experts in finding and treating termite infestations. We are locally owned, operated, insured and provide a high quality, honest and reliable service.

exipest provide all our customers with the right advise to effectively control all their pest problems.



In NSW 1 in 5 buildings are damaged by termites*. Australian standards recommend that a termite inspection should be carried out on buildings at least every 6-12 months, to reduce the amount of structural damage caused by termites.

Brown Cockroach


Cockroaches are typically scavengers. There are over 400 different species in Australia. There are only a few classified as house hold pests. On the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney it is not uncommon to see American, Australian, Smokey brown and German cockroaches.

redback spider


Webbing spider treatments are similar to cockroach treatments accept that we spray higher up the external walls, around door, window frames and through the foliage in the gardens.



If you have pets (cats and dogs), you will be aware that fleas are a problem. If you let them get out of control on your pet your home can get infested inside and out side in the yard. Call exipest for information regarding successful flea treatments for your home.

ants exipest


Ants are scavengers like cockroaches, they send out scouts, to find food and harbourage areas. They do this by traveling in well organized trails, due to sent trail markings. Ants predominantly look for food sources that contain sugars and protein.



Ticks and fleas are parasites. Ticks are a huge problem on the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney, due to large amounts of bush land and native animals that move though your property. They attach them selves to their host and suck their blood. Ticks