Pest Control West Pymble

Exipest pest control/ West Pymble NSW has been servicing West Pymble NSW 2073 and surrounding suburbs for the past 15 years. We are locally owned and operated upper north shore business, offering termite inspections, termite treatments and general pest control treatments. Some of or general pest control treatments offered in the West Pymble area, include cockroach treatments, ant treatments and baiting, spider treatments, silverfish treatments, carpet beetle treatments, flea treatments, tick treatments and rat and mice treatments. Other services that we provide are possum trapping, release and proofing and subfloor ventilation.

Exipest /West Pymble, provides great service, we are punctual and informative and advise our clients on the best way to reduce the possibility of pest infestation. Being a local business, we can promptly attend to service calls. We are fully insured and licenced and have all the relevant training, knowledge and experience to compete even the most difficult pest control job.


Exipest | West Pymble Pest Control | Rodent Treatments

The West Pymble area has a few environmental factors that are conducive to rats and mice, which leads to the infestation of our homes and business. Some of these factors are commercial business, major shopping centres, bush land, parks and recreational centres. These areas provide excellent a food and water source. Rats and mice live in close proximity to humans and are the perfect scavenger. They move into our homes largely the roof or subfloor areas. If you are hearing scratching in the walls or ceiling of your property, you probably have a rat problem. There are several ways to attack a rodent problem. Baiting is not the only way to control rats and mice. Please contact. There are several ways a home owner can reduce the likely hood of rodents entering the building. These are removing foliage from the roof line of the building, blocking any holes around the foundation, making sure that the subfloor door is closed and removing pet food once your pet has finished their meal.


Exipest | West Pymble Pest Control | General Pest Treatments for Cockroach, Ants, Spiders, Silverfish and Carpet Beetle

A general pest control treatment in West Pymble covers Cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, and carpet beetle. General pest control treatments are a great preventative measure and over time you get less pest problems, due to the regular treatments reducing the available food source. Areas treated during a general pest treatment are interior, roof-void, sub-floor and exterior (perimeter, gardens and fence lines). Free service periods/warranty apply. We focus in particular on the roof void and sub-floor areas of your home, this is where the major infestations and harbourage areas are.

We use environmentally friendly methods, chemicals and products on all our pest control jobs. So, your home is safe for your family and pets.


Exipest | West Pymble Pest Control | Flea treatments

When have a pet, you’ll know that as the weather warms up your pet gets fleas. It doesn’t take long for the problem to spread to your yard and to the interior of your house. If you are experiencing flea bites, it’s time to get control of the situation, before it gets out of control. Female fleas lay hundreds of eggs in their life time. Most of these eggs are laid on the host animal, but some fall off into the animals bedding and sleeping areas. Before you have your house treated for fleas give it a thorough vacuum. This helps, by sucking up some of the flea eggs out of the carpet and floor board gaps. Washing of all animal bedding is a must and have your animal washed with an approved flea wash. We blanket spray all floor coverings with an approved environmentally friendly chemical that contains an insect growth regulator to stop the breading. If you are experiencing fleas in the yard spraying the yard is also good practice. Due to the types of flea problems and size of premises contact us for a quote.


Exipest | West Pymble Pest Control NSW | Termite Inspections

Due to being surrounded by the bush, and a leafy location with large parks and lots of large gum trees West Pymble and surrounding suburbs are at a significantly higher risk of termite attack. The Australian standards recommend termite inspections to buildings, not exceeding 12 months, some properties regarded as extremely high risk should be inspected more regularly. The best thing any home owner or investor can do is have a yearly termite inspection. This will not stop a building from being attacked by termites, but will let you catch the problem before you have a large amount of structural damage. This will reduce the cost of building repairs. These reports also define areas that are of high risk i.e.; damp areas, low subfloor ventilation, low inaccessible subfloor areas, timber on ground, breach of barriers, previous termite damage and recommendations.

A termite inspection in West Pymble consists of a non-invasive inspection of the interior of the structure, the roof void, subfloor and grounds surrounding the structure, including landscaping timbers, trees, stumps and posts and takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete. You will receive a typed report shortly after inspection.


Exipest | West Pymble Pest Control NSW 2073 | Termite Treatments

If you have found a termite infestation or termite damage in your house, don’t disturb it, don’t spray it, just leave it alone and call an experienced termite treatment company, like Exipest West Pymble NSW, to get the best advice and treatment methods. The first stage of any termite treatment is a thorough inspection, to identify the termite entry points and any other affected areas. There may be more than one entry point and termite species attacking your structure. Termite activity can then be dusted or baited. The dusting or baiting of termites may take a few weeks to months to get control of the infestation. Stage 2 of a termite treatment is started once the termites have been eradicated from the structure and is the application of a chemical soil barrier. A soil barriers purpose is to reduce the possibility of future termite attack by applying a chemical (like Termidor) into the soil around the footings and foundation walls under the structure and the exterior perimeter of the structure. If you have concrete paths abutting the structure they are drilled and the chemical is pressure injected under the area. The holes are then resealed.

Termites in drilled tree St Ives

Exipest | Pest Control West Pymble | Tree Termite Treatments

Trees get affected by termites too, and sometimes have colonies in side them or on them. The termites can track their way below the ground through the water table to your house, undetected. You can and should treat trees for termites. Termite infestations in trees left untreated can kill the tree, create dying branches that fall and damage property or injure persons, create excessive rot or fungal decay. Treating tree’s for termites does not adversely affect the tree or kill it, in fact in a lot of cases the tree will become healthier, after the termites have been eradicated.


Exipest | West Pymble | Subfloor ventilation

Subfloor ventilation issues in houses can create the ideal environment for termite attack, create mould issues inside the house due to high humidity and be the cause of subfloor timber decay and the warping of cupping of floor boards. There’s a few ways to resolve the issue, by installation of high-flow air vents to the exterior of foundation walls to increase the air flow below the floor and in the case where there is no other way to create air flow in to sections of the sub-floor the installation of ducted sub-floor fans to transport the fresh air from the outside of the structure to the area. Call exipest for a comprehensive evaluation and quote


Exipest | West Pymble Pest Control NSW | Tick treatments

West Pymble and the surrounding suburbs are well known for tick problems, due to their close proximity to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, Garigal National Park and Lane Cove National Park. Ticks like damp moist areas and generally hide on low foliage. Native animals can bring ticks to your property. You can spray low toxic sprays to these areas to reduce the tick numbers in your yard. Please contact us for a comprehensive quote and advice on how to deal with tick problems in your area.