Brown Cockroach

Cockroaches are typically scavengers. There are over 400 different species in Australia. There are only a few classified as house hold pests. And it is not uncommon to see American, Australian, Smokey brown and German cockroaches. There are several different methods of treating cockroaches. By targeting where they live, breed and feed. These cockroach’s tend to inhabit roof voids, subfloor areas, then wandering into dwellings through cracks and crevices. exipest provides specialized cockroach treatments and preventative treatments, we provide warranty/ free services with our services. Our business relies on customer satisfaction.

German cockroaches also scavengers tend to congregate in kitchens and bathrooms where the humidity and heat is higher. Generally, you tend to bring these in from external sources like take away shops and supermarkets, or they follow piping and electrical cabling between units in blocks of units from other infested areas. When these cockroaches are treated the pest manager concentrates on these areas with cockroach gel bait, flushing dusts and surface sprays.